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Thank you for viewing Soul-Sugar Therapy.  In-Home Spa & Body Care Services by Tomarsha M. Batten L.M.T.  I hope to further intrigue your interest regarding the great benefits of Massage, Skin Body Care.  A lot of people look at massage & wellness as a Luxury.  Unknowing to how much  it is a Necessity. 

I became a NJ Certified Massage Therapist in May 2006, later licensed in 2012.  Due to personal hardships that came from overwhelming experiences.  To make a long story short, I faced some STRESSFUL times, like… WHO DOESN’T?  I strapped up my boot straps and kept it moving; determined to make necessary changes in my Life for the better. I pushed my self through school full-time & worked full-time to eventually obtain the credentials to professionally Practice Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

The years that have passed since, have been rewarding.  I enjoy what I do as I have been told I am a Healer.  My Intentions have been proven throughout & I’ll continue to Soldier On as long as I am Able.

My Vision has been to help educate and help people decrease muscle tension caused by stress.  Stress comes in all forms; every day living, health issues, physical labor and activities.  All these things  weigh us down to some extent.  

  But just as you would tune-up your car, think of massage as a tune-up for the body.  Every few months if your car isn't serviced properly, it becomes run-down, not functioning properly.  As you rely on your car to get you around; it relies on you to take care of it in return.  I'm simply saying; Tune up your body to prevent sudden break-downs.

"Your Heart is a Muscle Too!!!!! That’s the last thing you want to Tense up on You!!!!!"

Take Care of Your "Self"



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